Team Triumph is starting their second season as a team with 50 team members spread across the world. The team come into Triumph at all levels of the sport, from beginners to Kona qualifiers. The team was hand selected not by skill level, but by their triathlon community involvement and attitude towards the sport and others.

The vision for Triumph has always been simple; have fun, be positive and inspire others to TRI. Team Triumph is excited to partner up with Irwin for their 2019 season giving our team the opportunity to ride high quality wheels!


Caitlin Alexander

Caitlin is a long course triathlete and Cat 3 road racer out of Boulder, CO. She is a 70.3 and Ironman World Championships qualifier who recently qualified for her professional license in triathlon at Ironman Florida (while clocking the fastest female amateur bike split of the day). Caitlin has been in the sport of triathlon for 15 years as an athlete and as a coach. She also holds many podium finishes in road racing, including being the Cat 3 Colorado State Time Trial Champion in 2020 and placing 3rd in the pro field for the State TT Champs in 2021. Outside of triathlon and cycling, she works as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and biomechanics specialist at BUILD Sports Performance Lab. She is a professional bike fitter and running gait analyst, helping endurance athletes across Colorado and the country rehab from injuries and stay healthy so they can continue to do what they love.

Elliot Bach

Elliot is a 24 year old Professional Triathlete based out of Argyle, Tx where he currently lives and trains. When he is not training or racing he coaches a kids triathlon team as well as several adult triathletes. He did his first triathlon at the age of 14 and finished almost dead last, but somehow was hooked and hasn’t looked back since! Some of the best riding he has done has been in Arizona and South Carolina. Goals for 2018 are to consistently finish top 10 at 70.3s.

Chuck Pena

Chuck is a native Californian (born and grew up in the Bay Area but went to high school and college in SoCal) who has now spent the better part of his life in the Washington, DC area, aka Babylon on the Potomac. He was a tennis player in high school and college and dabbled in ski racing. His road to cycling was via running.

Chuck is a burgeoning senior citizen who, as his younger self, used to race bikes. Chuck founded and used to manage the Unione Sportiva Coppi’s (now Squadra Coppi) race team. Before that, he raced for Kodak Ektar (Victory Velosport). He also captained Team Ultimate Athlete the year that RAAM (Race Across America) introduced team racing. Now — after a 15 year hiatus off the bike but rediscovering his joy of riding in 2014 — he just rides for fun but every now and again proves Fausto Coppi’s adage true: “Age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.” Chuck’s favorite riding crew are his fellow Methuselahs (especially former teammates), but he loves to mix it up with the youngers guys and gals just to keep him honest and young at heart. His favorite rides are coffee rides because bikes and coffee just go together. And he loves doing family rides with his wife (his favorite riding partner) and his daughter (who is an accomplished competitive golfer who can beat him all the time, but at least he’s still faster than her on a bike). Chuck is also a contributor to PEZ Cycling News.

Nathan Turner

Nathan is a competitive triathlete from Denver Colorado, where he lives with his wife and two furry kids Izzy and Tyler.  Nathan works for an engineering design firm as a VP/General Manager which requires much of his time, but he still manages to get 12+ hours a week of training all while saving time for his family.

He became a triathlete back in 2012 after convincing a friend to run an obstacle course with him, and in return agreed to his first triathlon.  Since then he’s never looked back, and is now a 2-time Ironman, 14-time half Ironman and has raced well over 20 Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons.  In 2017, he competed at the Age Group National Championships after placing 1st in his division at the TriBoulder Triathlon in Boulder Colorado.  His strongest event is the bike, where he usually picks up some time from his competitors.  Nathan is focused on two goals: 1. Qualifying for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships, and 2. Race ALL the Ironman 70.3 races offered in North America.  You can learn more about Nathan at

Susan Oyler

Susan a military wife, mother, engineer and age group athlete.  While pretty active as a youngster (figure skating, cross country running and lacrosse), she didn’t fall in love with sports until her mid-20’s.  It all started with long-distance running and the Chicago Marathon in 2006.  Slowly she added swimming and biking, and did her first sprint triathlon in 2012.  Since then, she’s done triathlons of all different distances and completed her first Ironman this year!  While she came into triathlon with a running background, biking has become her favorite sport of the three disciplines.  

Eric Foltz

Eric is a native Californian but has lived and traveled around the country and the world. He grew up riding BMX, transitioned to mountain bikes around 1990 and then got a road bike in 2006 to keep the mileage up following bad weather to avoid damaging the trails. Since 2014, he has been putting in more and more miles on his gravel bike.

He spent most of the 90s racing both cross country and downhill but switched over to more endurance oriented events around 2008. Eric stopped racing seriously after 2013 but still averages about 15k miles per year split between road and dirt. Most of the events he does now are charity rides or anything that looks especially challenging. He has also done some touring and bikepacking, including riding his mountain bike from California to Florida. For Eric, cycling is about exploring. Exploring the world and exploring his limits. He doesn’t consider himself a mountain biker or a roadie, just a cyclist.

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Stephanie Doyon

Stephanie is a competitive age-group triathlete and 10-time Ironman 70.3 finisher. At 24 she’s already participated in 3 Ironman 70.3 World Championships. She is originally from Montreal, where she was an avid basketball player for 10 years prior to switching to triathlon in 2014. Currently, she is studying for her MBA in the United States and has grown to balance her school/professional life with her rigorous training schedule quite well. She started triathlon with no background in all three required sports, however, running has proven to be a source of speed during races.  Stephanie’s currently aiming to earn her spot at the 2019 Ironman 70.3 Worlds in Nice France and is focusing her training on finding additional speed on the bike.

Kayla Bowker

Kayla is an elite age group triathlete training, living, and working in Spokane, Washington with her husband and doodle puppy Gage.  Growing up a runner Kayla added in swimming and biking in 2013 and fell in love with the sport.  Currently training for her second Ironman World Championships Kayla also runs her own triathlon and run business known as Where Your Feet Take You where her main goal is to cultivate passion and strength for each of her athletes in the sport of triathlon.  You can follow her journey at